söndag 3 oktober 2021

Top ten hottest Jojo-characters

A short break from Swedish and Criterion, but here we are, by popular demand - a Jojo bizarre adventure hotness list! Rating the top ten hottest Jojo-characters is like measuring the best haystraws in a haystack. Options are abound and hotness is everywhere. So here we go!


Squalo does not show that much skin but he has shoulder pieces that only he can carry. The stuff of legends: 


Zeppeli is not just handsome but has a moustache which is super rare in Jojo-land. He's also super rich, which makes him hotter: 


Mista wears a big diaper on his head, and it all looks mighty weird, ugly, tacky and so so wonderful: 


Hot damn! Tequila Joseph deserves his/her place here, just look at the coconuts, lipstick and the fantastic stuff attached to the hair. Makes me not just question my sexuality but sexuality overall. A true legend that manages to be the most buff and the most fishy at the same time.


Bruno Buccellati(or is it Bucciarati- internet has clearly not a concensus here) has weird things in his hair and a superpointy nose, but that does not matter when he also has a massive heart cut out from his amazing jacket - surely the stuff that dreams are made of:


Well if you got the legs you gotta show 'em right? Vanilla Ice knows, and look at the shoes, so sweet and definitely in top 5 right!


Tiziano is only there for a couple of episodes, but his over-the-topness and firm behind really puts him high on the list. And his deathscene is even more romantically tragic than Titanic.


Jotaru Kujo demands a high place when he wears his signature look- who am i to refuse?


Kars has it all, including hair that doesn't answer to gravity. He can drive on me all day!


DIO has arms bigger than humanly possible, but that does not matter since he's not human but vampire+cyborg+body stealer+sorcerer and everything else one could hope for. His pants are also magical and that really settles the deal. 

Almost there: Fugo, Rudolf von Stroheim, Avdol, Iggy

No even close: Echoes part 1, Schigechi

13 kommentarer:

  1. i think rohan should be on this list

    1. Rowan would not even be on top 30. #Rowaniscreepy

    2. Embarrassing, I meant Rohan, #Rowaniscreepy

    3. Embarrassing again, i meant #Rohaniscreepy #endofembarrassment

  2. Ojoj, anime-inlägg så här bara helt apropå :) Jag måste erkänna att detta är helt okänd mark för min del, vet inte ens om det gäller filmer eller böcker. Men alltid trevligt att se lite bizarro-deffade anime-figurer

    1. Hehe, Eller hur! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure är både en anime och Manga, där jag bara sett animen som gått 5 säsonger. Den är lite ostig men samtidigt ganska kul :)

  3. Hey! Its good that you have a watchful eye for nasty stuff, but next time try with better attitude. This is really a tongue-in-cheek guide and not meant to be taken that seriously. And according to Wikipedia all featured characters are over 18, so keep it chill like Ghiaccio.

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    1. So which of the Jojos are you betting on?

  5. yo list is funky and messed up boi

  6. Where is tequilla Joseph!?

    1. You are so right. That was an almost unforgivable mistake, which is now, thanks to you, corrected.